Industrial machinery
Our dedicated team offers unrivalled expertise across a diverse range of industries and access to the broadest range of industrial products and services. We deliver innovative solutions to improve operating efficiency to reduce production costs and expand equipment customization. Tranzit Service is a committed partner to finding solutions to optimize and support your business requirements, ensuring you meet your operational objectives.
Manufacturing equipment
From standalone machines to the end-to-end engineered production lines from raw material to the final product. Our expertise includes all manners of storage, level control, discharge and metering components, vibratory feeders size reduction units as well as complex pneumatic transfer and mechanical conveyor systems. Whether you’re working with food, aggregates, minerals or other bulk materials, our experienced team will help you determine that solution will best meet your needs.
Standard and special vehicles
Integrated asset management and maintenance planning is an important part of the fleet life cycle. Our team can help you gain the benefits of equipment management while achieving significant savings over time with minimal start-up and capital investments in both newly manufactured and used vehicles. Our programs include sourcing of the fleet, asset management, spare and inventory as well as the local service.

Forestry machines

The logging industry, like any industry, does not stand still; it is constantly evolving. Manual labor of workers was replaced by machine labor. Today, all dangerous and complex work is performed by specialized equipment. Most often, modular objects are used in wood production - these are construction machines that serve as the basis for other equipment. Most often, the base is a tractor, to which additional parts are attached. The logging industry is one of the most promising because it produces an environmentally friendly product. Therefore, all technology in this industry is constantly being improved.
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